Three Habits

There are three reoccurring thoughts I’ve had lately that I can’t seem to shake:

1) Mothering is hard and I am sometimes good at it, but often I’m just stuck in instinct mode and forget that I am responsible for my character. It is easy to get upset in an instant instead of taking a breath and responding with wisdom and grace.

2) I wish my kids were growing up in a world where adults acted like adults and that they could actually look up to the “role models” and “leaders” that run our world. Instead they see classless men and women arguing and acting worse than any of their peers. Add my fiery outbursts in the mix and they get the constant message that this behaviour is acceptable, normal even.

3) With much of “normal life” shut down we are forced to listen to a very tiring and repetitive narrative by a negative and fearful media which is grasping at straw to make forest fires. And I, the consumer am fuelling this ridiculous market. It is affecting my mood and my home.

Therefore, I have decided to…

1) Commit more time to prayer, for my own journey as a mother and for our unstable world.

2) Be the role model that I want my kids to have, by intentionally working on character traits like watching what I say, listening before speaking and living peaceably with others.

3) Stop reading or watching any news other than local news.

I’m hoping that these three habits will change my home for the better. We shall see.


6 thoughts on “Three Habits

  1. Very good plan of action Heather! The beautiful thing about you is that you notice things about yourself and others and realize you have the power within you and Gods help to change! Keep moving forward!! Gods got you!

    Marg Klippenstein Admin Support Klippenstein Hauling Ltd


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