COVID-19 · Faith

11 Sundays

11 Sundays of messages at home.

Of worship without people.

Of no church building.

11 weeks of struggling through alone.

Of feeling independent,

Unhurried – but ultimately unfulfilled.

11 Sundays of doing faith on my own.

Devotions becoming dry.

Prayers don’t change at all.

This isn’t a poem. This is my prayer.

“God, open up your church. To meet: in a special building, homes or outside. Makes no difference to me. In many small groups, in one spaced out large one. For if there’s one thing I learnt from all this, it’s that I never attended church for a sermon. I didn’t go for the coffee. I didn’t go to sing a few songs. I didn’t go for the child care or for the programs.


I went for the people. Your people God. I went to meet with others you have touched and through them, got a little taste of heaven… what it may look like to someday meet all together.

God, open up your church. Faith was not meant to be lived out alone.”


12 thoughts on “11 Sundays

      1. 😀 Someone was asking our community FB page about what kind of coffee maker to offer in her rental. Everyone’s responses were, “If they care about coffee, they’ll bring their own. Otherwise, a Keurig’s fine because they’re obviously not picky…”

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      2. Lol. So true. I hated coffee for years until I tasted a few good kinds. And I’d rather live without it than drink Folgers or Keurig, but some people don’t mind the taste of liquid ashtray I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  1. That was so beautifully written! KOKO! This is “light and momentary.” Cannot wait till Heaven and that innumerable crowd forever worshiping together. It’s going to be so much sweeter after we’ve experienced this intense global isolation. Don’t give up!

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  2. Yes, Lord. I agree with Heather’s prayer.

    I’m so tired of doing church alone. In fact, I never do. I tried once to watch our church’s online message and worship, but I just can’t connect.

    Father, we need to gather together again. Show us how we can start to gather even if the buildings aren’t open. Give us creativity and flexibility, but give us some real connection, please!

    And may churches be placed in a good, positive, favorable light in the eyes of government so that they allow us to open up again!

    Yet, we submit to your will. Help us to learn what you want us to learn as we go through all of this.


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