More Than a Building

I have a vision of a worship service that feels like a family gathering – a group that looks forward to meeting together, serving together, eating potluck meals together after singing and praying together.

A small, intimate like body of believers that live like Jesus lived.

Where the old are respected and teach the young, and the young are appreciated by the old.

Where the hearts of the fathers are turned to their children, and the children are turned to their fathers.

Where children are seen as a welcome addition to the church, rather than a burden to be dragged along.

Where the youth are the spark, not the dead.

Where the most hardened criminal is welcomed, loved and changed.

Where church means more than a building with brick walls, great big sound systems, fancy lights, and a large pulpit.

Call me a dreamer. Call me old fashioned. Tell me it’s not possible.

I will see it. I promise you.


7 thoughts on “More Than a Building

  1. Me too , I felt my experience was like that growing up at Piney Bible Chapel 💞 great memories 🤗…t’was a simpler life but so heartwarming 🥰

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    1. Thank you, I do believe I will as there are many who yearn for such a group. Past bad experiences make it all the more difficult to search for new opportunities… I hope you find your place too Stephen!

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  2. Hey Heather
    How are you doing? I tried looking for you on Facebook but couldn’t find you. What is the best way for you communicate?

    Diany Thiessen

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    1. Hi Diany! It’s good to hear from you! I’m doing well 🙂 Yeah I deleted my Facebook account in January…I found myself so discouraged after being on it because of negative comments and I finally asked myself why I was still on it, LOL! Email is a great way to get ahold of me, or text message. My email address is and I can send you my number over email. Hope to hear from you 😊


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