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Code Orange and Peace


It was an unexpected feeling as the inevitable restrictions were announced on Friday.

But there it was. I felt peace.

We are now in Code Orange in Manitoba, Canada, which means gatherings are limited to 5 people. Our family size is seven, which means that for the foreseeable future we will not be invited out. Or dining out. Or doing anything… out.

Schools are trying to distance students further apart and distance learning at home has become an option again. Everything is reducing capacity.


Unexpected, completely unexplainable joy. That is how I’m feeling in all this.

I can’t explain why I have no fear, other than the fact that I truly believe that God’s got this. I believe that the events I see unfolding before me are for a reason and I TRUST him.

I trust him.

Winter will soon be upon us and winter in Manitoba is LONG. Put us in lockdown and it may be unbearable.

Yet I look around me and I see a family of shining faces that fill my heart. I see cupboards that are full. I have more than I could ever need or want and yet… it’s not this which gives me peace.

My peace is in Jesus.

“Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, ‘you are my Lord, apart from you I have no good thing.’ ” Psalm 16:1-2

I have NO good thing, apart from God.

How could David truly mean this as he wrote this passage?

He had lots of good things! He was king, for crying out loud.

I have lots of good things! Yet, although I do have many good things, I understand exactly what he means. You see, if my joy, peace and hope, rest in the good things I own, then to be honest, I would not have this peace.

Not at all.

Because every thing I have or own can be taken away. My family could die in an instant. Poverty could strike and we could lose everything we own.

But I have one good thing that cannot be taken from me, no matter what happens: Jesus.

Why am I writing this today?

It’s because, dear friends, there are so many Christians today that are afraid. They are anxious about the economy, terrified of either the virus or the restrictions, fearful of the elections happening in the states and they are scared into a corner, feeling helpless and hopeless.

Am I saying that we just need to pretend everything is ok? Of course not! Peace isn’t saying that everything is OK!

Am I saying that we should just ignore what’s going on in the world? No! We are called to watch and pray.

The problem is, there are a whole lot of Christians doing mostly watching (watching the news, social media, conspiracy theory’s, etc..) and not a whole lot of PRAYING.

Because, church, this is our time to SHINE!

When everything is dark, that is when we see the stars the brightest! No one goes outside and stares at the black sky and says look how much darkness is upon us. We see the stars. The beautiful, magnificent stars.

And we praise God, in awe.

Today let’s shine. Speak kindly to a stranger. Encourage someone who is downcast. Love your enemies (ESPECIALLY those who are voting for the OTHER candidate 😁), and PRAY.

So that whatever happens in the world, there will still be little lights, glowing beautifully in the darkness.

Do everything without grumbling or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold for me to the word of life.”

Philippians 3:14-16


15 thoughts on “Code Orange and Peace

  1. What are they going to do if you meet with your family? Do it. Geeze. The freedoms everyone gives up is ridiculous anymore. Just live your lives and if they want to drag you out of your own houses then let them and make sure you record it.

    But on to the more important message — yes — prayer and trust that God has this no matter what. Amen!

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    1. P.s. I’m only partially serious in the first part of this comment but down here we have governors telling us we can’t celebrate holidays, we can’t be families, we can’t, we can’t , we can’t. It’s absolutely ridiculous the authority they think they have and it’s because we just handed it all over to them, bowed our heads and said “yes, sir.” It’s like being ruled by the British all over again. 🙄

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      1. I agree, many of the rules just don’t make sense at all! Holidays are being celebrated here, I am still always going to lend a hand when needed! Yes, I am trying my best to listen to sound rules. But there is no way I am hiding away for the next 10 years or however long it takes for this slowed down virus to run its course 😒

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    2. Well technically my immediate family is part of the same household so we are definitely allowed to keep meeting lol 😆
      But the rule is 5+ your household. We are planning to still see family and friends, but trying our best to keep it at the limit of 5 guests at a time!

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  2. Blest by U….praying that I will remember this & have the same attitude…Right now looking at the majestic Rocky Mountains, I am in awe & wonder at how marvellous our God is, HE will always be with us each step of the way❣️ As the song goes 🎵 “Ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy” by Zach W, called Old Church Choir 🥰💗💃🏼

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      1. As of today, we have a statewide mask mandate and all school extracurricular activities are cancelled for two weeks. After the two weeks, college students will need to get weekly COVID tests.

        Serves them right, I say; they’ve been flaunting the recommendations at the colleges and have been the main spreading group. :/

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      2. 😕 Yup. Our area is now the hotspot in Canada. I heard on the news that our infection rate is 10X that of the rest of Canada. And I personally know about 10 or more people with COVID-19 right now. We’ve gone into Code red and a “circuit breaker”. So everything is shut down other than essentials and school until Dec 11.

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      3. People around here are worried about that. I heard that some parents want schools online from Thanksgiving through Christmas. My ‘cashier’ job is now a janitorial one because my son’s school is online till the 30th of November, at least.

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