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Living in a COVID Fog

I used to write with such clarity. I used to spill out my feelings alongside God’s truth on the page with ease. Now it’s a struggle. My brain is in a fog and I can not do it. I start, only to lose my train of thought and my ideas jump around like a bunch of crickets set loose.

What I know:

  1. Something really big is happening in the world right now – a testing of the church, a revealing of hearts. I wouldn’t call this the “end times” maybe more like a prelude. We got a pop quiz… and we flunked it. Big time. Instead of rising up to meet the needs, we’ve hidden away watching them from afar. People are getting shaken – yet life goes on (almost normal even!)
  2. Most people seem confused or in a fog. A result is that they argue petty things on social media and comment sections. They are consumed with the news, as if reading and discussing it will change the world. Or even worse, they hide behind humour and ignore the fact that anything is going on at all. Posting memes, endless jokes… while there is tragedy everywhere.

But, we are missing the main narrative of what is happening here. So that Christians even, seem to be paralyzed. Some are paralyzed with fear, others with apathy.

Trial is supposed to be the churches finest hour! Yet I have never before been so disappointed in it!

Disappointed how?

We are spending these desperate times watching Netflix and doing home improvement projects!

We feast away in luxury while others starve.

We are becoming lazy, discontent, disconnected grumblers who seem to have little to no concern for those outside our circle of familiar faces.

Yes! I’m disappointed with the church. For I have found few who truly want to respond to the call of the gospel: to take time for the helpless, to meet and listen to the Lord together. I have found few who have any desire to worship together. Invite people for a free meal or a day in the backyard by the pool and they come rushing by the dozen.

But invite them to worship and pray, and crickets are my only companions.

How long, Lord, until you wake up your church? Or am I just supposed to watch it die out, one member at a time?

Something is very wrong. We’ve adjusted to comfort during a shaking that was meant to wake us up! Oh, God, wake us up! Help us to stop and listen, to be alert and watchful. You ask us to watch and pray, yet your followers are sleeping in the garden again.

Must you be on your own a second time?

Remove my mind from the fog, Lord Jesus!

I know there are some who are reading this who are saying “Yes!” Who are saying, “You aren’t the only one, I feel it too!” God, I ask you to bring us together. Not for chitchat and coffee, but together, seeking you on our knees.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20


8 thoughts on “Living in a COVID Fog

  1. I feel like our family has been hit with a freight train. On top of covid, my husband is an officer, and now is experiencing a disease or sickness that doctors can’t identify. Seriously, can we catch a break? Clinging Jesus despite the fog and onslaught of hardships. Beautifully written. Thank you.

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    1. Sorry to hear that things have been so difficult for you! I can’t imagine going through all that during this time 😩 I’m so glad that we can find hope and comfort in Jesus. Couldn’t imagine life without him ❤️

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  2. Heather, we’re on the same wavelength. I have been praying for God to show my church and also the church overall how to move, what to learn, etc. in this time. And just the other day, I added, “Lord, I feel that we have already missed so many opportunities.” It hurts to admit. I join your prayer that those who feel this way will come together, literally and symbolically, to seek His face and start making a Kingdom-shaped difference.

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    1. Thank you Lily! We have so much to learn as the church. My prayer is similar to yours… that we would grow in faith from all this and not miss the plentiful opportunities that are all around us! It’s not all wasted. As long as we see our errors and allow ourselves to learn from them, this uncomfortable season will be worth it.


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