Late Night Ramblings of an Insomniac

I’m not tired.

I probably shouldn’t even call myself an insomniac at this point in my life because I rarely have bad nights anymore. And really, I’m just awake right now because I drank too much coffee, but that’s besides the point… for years I did have insomnia, and this reminds me of it and sounded like a great title, so it is what it is.

You are probably thinking that I should stop writing now, because I’m rambling about nothing.

You are probably correct.

But my husband prefers me talking to the internet right now than having me whisper, “Are you still awake?” every minute or so before entering into a rapid one-sided conversation at a speed that would rival any auctioneer. Or worse. Trying to stay silent while my eyes blink so rapidly that you can hear them.

So, I left the room to blog and now you will have to suffer. But, on the bright side, my marriage will be saved.

I’ve been in the mood to write more lately. This means my book is being worked on again. YAY!

Yes my finished book.

That I printed off… and then decided to change a character which meant deleting him out of half the book and entering a better version. So my “finished” book is now only 32,000 words and I now am at the halfway point… again.

BUT, oh, it’s SOOO much better! It WILL be worth the time I’ve spent on it. Plus, I can now enter in some really neat, post “COVID world” material which makes the book even more believable. I haven’t written or talked much about the book at all, mainly because I’ve been terrified at the thought of someone else stealing the idea I’ve worked so hard on and beating me to the editors. But, never fear, lucky readers… I am in the mood to share, so you’re in for a treat!

“Project Slone” was written as sort of a healing process to me after a very painful season in my life. Writing was my therapy. Poetry became my outlet. One of my objectives in the story was to awaken the love of poetry in young people and to expose the dangers of abusive leadership.  So, I dove in and created a fictional story set in a world not so different than our own, dominated by a tyrannical genius with a deeply flawed philosophy. The hero? A talented young writer and victim of the man, named Macy Grale, who becomes a uniquely poetic and modern-day Nellie Bly. To start, here’s a bit of an overview of the story, the ‘back of the book’ pitch, so to speak:

Macy Grale, has lived her whole life moving from Unit to Unit with her twin brother Sam. Knowing no other way of life – Sam embraces the community and thrives underneath their many caretakers. Macy, however, just can’t seem to fit the mold, feeling deep down that something is amiss in this strange place where talk of family is hushed and creativity is frowned upon. The peculiar community is actually one of many and was founded by the powerful and deeply admired Dr. Jacob Slone. It was built upon his Five Foundational Truths to stop “The Coming Catastrophe”. Only upon her Transition years, when Macy meets the doctor who brought her into the city, does she unlock the past secrets that haunt her dreams and discover for herself why Slone City must be abolished forever – but first, she needs to get the rest of the country on board. With irresistible courage and wisdom far beyond her years, Macy uses her gift of writing to open the eyes of the world around her to the horrors behind Slone’s walls, reminding them of the importance of love, family and beauty.

The book addresses culturally relevant topics such as the value of human life, leadership abuse, government involvement in society, broken families, and healing from past wounds that cannot be undone. 

Someday, it will be published… someday. But until then, I will patiently wait for bits of inspiration and write at times like this, when the house is quiet and my mind is alive. Which has now inspired me to say “goodnight blogging world!”

A book is waiting to be finished.

6 thoughts on “Late Night Ramblings of an Insomniac

  1. Keep going!! The change will be worth it, although it’s so hard to let go of what you’ve already written. It takes bravery to delete and start over. yay yay!
    I drink way too much coffee and get insomnia from that. It’s been like that for years. Now, I stopped drinking coffee by 3:30 p.m. since 1 month ago. Still wired at night. It’ll take time for my body to readjust. One good thing: I drink more water since I can’t drink coffee.
    Take care and happy writing!

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    1. Haha! I totally hear you about having no more coffee after 3pm 😁 I just sometimes cheat when I’m out with friends…knowing full well I will pay for it later!
      Thanks for the encouragement! It was definitely hard to delete parts, but I knew if I wanted the book to have the feel I was going for it had to be done!


      1. My kids are strict enforcers of the coffee stoppage at 3 p.m. In the past few days though I cheated and had my last cup of coffee at 4 p.m. eeek. Its hard to change an old habit and a comfort thing.
        My english college professor told the class that you had to be ruthless when deleting. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Back then I didn’t understand what she was saying, but I get it now. That was brave of you! Happy to encourage…we all need it!

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  2. Just, wow! Your book sounds amazing.

    Every time I read about another author’s ideas, I think, “How can they be so creative? How do they come up with all this stuff?” LOL.

    I feel like the area we live in needs a Christian writers group. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You know, when we’re allowed to socialize legally… (eye roll)

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