Overcrowded and Alone

A world bustling with people,

An overcrowded globe,

Feels too full, too many,

Still, somehow, we feel alone.

Amidst the engine noise and rumble,

Streaks of concrete cross the wild,

Stacked – packed – in our little boxes,

Desolate father, mother, and child.

Screens and memes to distract the heartache,

Isolated laughter – a single voice,

Superficial smiles and daily banter,

Strangers or solitary the only choice.

Plexiglass barriers erected,

Keep your distance, cover face,

Walls were holding us apart,

Long before the Covid days.

Self worth in work, events and people,

As our lives become undone,

Insecurities uncovered –

Do I matter to anyone?

Do I matter? Ah, there’s the question,

Age old struggle to find our way,

Each alone must search the answer,

To find meaning in each day.

13 thoughts on “Overcrowded and Alone

    1. Very true! But sometimes it feels so cliché… like saying “at least your mama loves you!”
      However when that truth – “Jesus loves me” – sinks down deep, acceptance from others and validation in other ways no longer matter! But it’s something I have to rediscover over and over again.

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  1. This part:
    “Self worth in work, events and people,
    As our lives become undone,
    Insecurities uncovered –
    Do I matter to anyone?”

    It’s something I’ve been thinking of too. I feel like this is what I’ve experienced since deciding to stay home with kids. I’ve felt ashamed of it because as a Christian shouldn’t I have a deeper sense of self-worth? Well yes, but this whole thing has made me realize that it’s a normal human tendency to feel this way; my reaction was not so abnormal.

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    1. Thanks for reading the whole poem! I often find that most people scan through posts so fast that they miss the richness that poetry brings!

      That is exactly what I meant by those words, and I’ve been shocked to realize just how insecure I’ve felt through this whole time. I’m sure a lot of people have been! But it’s not like I’ve suddenly changed, this must’ve always been there, just underneath the surface. Amazing what things have all been revealed with Covid-19. Some of it’s been good, but a lot hasn’t been pretty! I figure as much as I don’t like it, it’s better to know and deal with it, than to let it sit there unnoticed.

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      1. Yes, things like that often lay dormant because we are distracted and I agree that it’s better to deal with them. God is in the business of healing us, although the process is often painful.

        I wrote a very similar themed poem not long ago, but I cannot share it on WordPress – too personal! I kind of wish I could share it as I think many people would identify. However, when I edit the personal parts out, it loses its meaning. Suffice it to say, I can identify with your poem. 😊

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