Collecting My Thoughts

Sometimes writers run out of things to say.

Other times writers have lots to say but don’t quite know how to describe their thoughts… so they wait for the right words.

And then there are times when there are so many things to say that everything blurs into one big mess of thoughts… which is where I’m finding myself lately.

I have so much to write about, but over-posting often results in readers skimming through without taking the time to reflect. I want my readers to be able to actually stop and read the words!! I don’t want so much quantity in my writing that the entire point is missed! So my aim recently has been to pack more meaning into fewer words, keeping my posts at under 600 words. It’s actually been quite a good challenge for me!

Today though, I want to share my thoughts, in an unorganized sort of way. I know well-esteemed speakers suggest to focus on one thought and go deeper into it. This way, the human mind – which cannot grasp many ideas at once, can take one piece away from what you’re saying. Today I’m going to go out and do the opposite. If it’s hard for you to follow, go ahead and just take one thought to hold onto as I ramble through them. Slowly reading each thought, then stopping to consider it before moving on to the next is key.

Things on my mind recently:

1) Speaking less really does help people to listen more.

2) There’s so many people trying to be heard, maybe the best thing I can do for this generation is to stop and listen.

3) Why do people blame our technology for the busy and distracted lives we lead? The issue is and will always be the human heart.

4) Our world is beginning to hate children. This annoyance for the gems of our world is even creeping into the church. This deeply concerns me.

5) Everyone talks faith, but I can count on one hand those who are living it out.

6) In the west everyone seems to be depressed or anxious… I hear these words so often I’m sick of them. There are thousands of options to treat the symptoms, but everyone is too afraid to go and actually address the root.

7) I witness millions of miracles daily. I’m typing on one of them right now. I turn a switch and light floods the room. Amazing! Yet I don’t even notice any of it until it’s gone.

8) Friends are either honest or kind. But rare indeed are those who are both.

9) Requiring good behaviour doesn’t shape a child’s heart the right way. Only wisdom and gentle love does.

10) One joyful person is contagious, spreading lighthearted life to everyone they meet. But in the same way, a bitter person spreads their poison like a contagious disease.

11) Those consumed with talk of politics or the church are among the most unhappy people.

12) Daily time with God is more essential than food or sleep. No one seems to believe me. I’ve been told that daily devotions and prayer is an “unrealistic expectation.”

Yet I’ve done it for years because the fullness of good life advice and practical truth are found in God’s word… not in well written books or sermons. Which brings me to my last thought:

13) When God speaks, it sticks! I forget most of the sermons and books I’ve read over the years. But I’ve never forgotten a personal word from God.

14 thoughts on “Collecting My Thoughts

    1. Absolutely! From abortion, to smaller families that don’t spend time together, to kids being put into every form of childcare imaginable… the message rings out loud and clear: Children are not welcome!
      I’ve gotten dirty looks from bringing my five kids into a church service for crying out loud and they were being quiet!! My friend spent a week in New York and saw two children while she was out there. Two! Among thousands of human beings! People don’t want kids anymore, opting to have pets instead. Families that do go to restaurants together have iPads in hand for each child as parents sit on their phones. Together but isolated. Like I said, each one of these thoughts could be a whole post in themselves 😊

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  1. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was young but felt I wasn’t very good at it. I want to captivate the heart of the reader and take them on a journey as if they were there with me. I want to write content that touch hearts and change lives.

    I’ve been trying to turn my writing into a book with no success. I broke out of my habit of writing in my journal. I think it would help for me to sit down and write in a book that no one else will read and “bleed.”

    I’ve been told not to focus on writing, just gather my thoughts–and just start writing. I love to read other blogs such as yours, your blog invoke an emotion that your story triggers words for my own. I also enjoy reading comments it tells me what questions readers may have. I don’t know how many words my blog post usually are I just write until the Holy Spirit has given me all there is to say. Writing is a skill set, and I just wanted to tell you that you write beautifully. Keep using your writing talent to encourage and share Christ with others. God bless!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kim! And also for your encouragement! I totally understand the frustration of trying desperately to write and struggling to find the words! Reading a lot has helped me with this. But my book, although in the end stages, is still not finished and it is so frustrating. I’m particularly frustrated because I don’t have the motivation to work on it these days! Some days I read what I’ve written and I just want to chuck it all out 😭
      Part of this is fear, not being the best. It’s so important to move past that fear and just go for it!
      I’ve really enjoyed many of your posts Kim! And from the short time I’ve followed your writing I’ve even seen improvement in your skill. Keep learning and writing! Thanks for stopping by to comment, I also enjoyed feedback. It motivates me know know that people actually care about what I write 😁


      1. You’re welcome Heather. And, thank you you have no idea how much it encouraged me to hear that. I want to get better with my writing. I went through some of the same frustrations when creating my book. I keep looking at it thinking maybe the reason I haven’t gotten published is because it’s not good enough yet. I read all writers go through this. Be encouraged woman of God! From what I’ve read you have a dynamic testimony that will touch the lives of others. I can’t wait until your book comes out.

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  2. Wow, a lot of these thoughts really hit home. Many of them are thoughts I’ve considered myself. #4 really makes me sad because, for a long time, I had fallen into what I can only describe as a “trend” of thinking of children with disdain. (I’m happy to say I no longer do!)

    Wonderful post!

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  3. Wow, thanks for sharing your thoughts, even though you felt they were all over the place, the numbering of them was perfect for it.

    Lots of truth to digest, even though they’re in small points. Great stuff!

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  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts Heather! They are all very meaningful. We do need to take time to listen to others. I think many are so busy trying to be seen and heard, they forget to listen.

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