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My Love/Hate Relationship with Cakes

So I decorate cakes sometimes. And for the most part I’m happy with how they turn out:


But then you get those cakes, where they just turn out the worst. Like today’s cake.


It started out ok. I formed a cute little Dumbo.

And a cute little bow…

And then I thought, hey, I should try a new icing recipe because I am getting tired of the one I usually use.

Now I remember why I hate trying new things!The icing was super soft and would not form a crumb coat. If the cake was covered with fondant, this would’ve not been a problem. But as the customer had ordered a chocolate cake covered with white icing, this was a huge problem!

As you can see there’s already crumbs in my first coat. I count on this crumb coat to harden so that I can do another layer of icing over, therefore not getting any crumbs in the second coat.

Literally one hour later this was the best I could do:

Not smooth at all!!!

Here is my first take on the top of the cake. I was not happy with it at all. The icing is just not smooth enough, plus it was so soft which made my fondant literally sink into the icing. Adding extra icing sugar would’ve made it too sweet so I was stuck! So I tried to redo the top. This is what I ended up with:

I know, I know, it looks okay. And if this was for me I wouldn’t be complaining. But someone is paying for the cake and it definitely wasn’t my best work.

So the lessons I learnt today:

1) Only try new recipes for my own cakes, this way there’s no harm done if they don’t turn out.

2) I don’t do well under pressure (actually, I learn this daily)…

3) It’s ok to post about my mistakes. I could’ve edited this cake picture until it looked perfect, but then, everyone else has a false picture of my reality and honestly, when everyone else is airbrushed we begin to hold ourselves to those unrealistic expectations.

4) I’m tempted to say no to ever making another cake, but I won’t do that. I will try again.

So show your flaws. And when you fail, get back up again.

And please, at the very least, take lots of pictures and blog about it.


14 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Cakes

  1. Your cakes look amazing! Make more!!! I make a round, non-decorated, non-iced bundt cake for my kids for their bday. Thankfully they love it and it’s super easy (except when we got a new oven that apparently was off temperature wise). I agree to try new things on your own cake. Makes sense. But know that you do an AWESOME job!!! Don’t quit!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I really do enjoy it… Except for when things don’t work out 😜 I love bundt cakes though! I actually am not a fan of fondant or sweet icing so your cakes sound delicious!!

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  2. Your cakes are so adorable! Thanks for sharing your creative works with us, I love it. I also have to be constantly reminded that I actually DO NOT do well under pressure, I’m not sure where that idea even got so much traction. Really enjoyed seeing the process and also getting some encouragement near the end, we all make mistakes but we will get over them and get better so long as we don’t give up.

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    1. Thank you so much! luckily the lady who picked up her cake was really happy with it, so that sort of makes me feel better 🙂
      I feel like I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to write and to catch up on my blog reading. Hopefully later on today I’ll be able to sit down and read your posts as well 🙂


    1. Yes I do! I make a marshmallow based fondant which is far cheaper than store bought and tastes better too. The one downside is it does get a bit sticky so it’s definitely harder to work with, but I’ve learnt so tricks over the years 😃

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