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It’s My Birthday…

From childhood, birthdays have been so special to me. I guess that’s a result of having great parents who always made a point to make the day an extra special one for me.

I’m not one of those super mature Mom’s who quietly lets their day slip by unnoticed. Nor do I hate the extra attention and no, I’m not embarrassed about my age because getting older to me is (and I hope will always be) a blessing! So we celebrate!!

In fact, being a homeschooler I have quite literally declared my birthday to be a holiday from school!

“Hey Kids, guess what?? There’s no school today and you know why that is? Many many years ago a VERY special and most important person was born…do you know who that is??”

And while my younger children hop up and down shouting out the answer as if they’ve won the lottery, my older three smirk at each other and roll their eyes… “Mom, it’s not a Holiday…”

“WHY OF COURSE IT IS!!” I reply. “Why else would school be cancelled today?!?”

“Because you don’t want to teach and you would rather have the day off?”

Errr, ummm….they know me too well.

But do I let their lack of enthusiasm spoil MY day? No! I most CERTAINLY do not! I grab a slice of my all time favourite, grocery store strawberry shortcake, for breakfast, I turn up the “Greatest Showman Soundtrack” and dance with the littles like I’m 14 again.


Or, at least that’s what a will be doing. I’m still in bed at the moment. And I’ll probably be back in bed after pulling a muscle from dancing. I’m not 14 anymore ya know.

How about you? Do you hate/love your birthdays?

10 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday…

  1. Happy Birthday! Mine is this month as well 😊 Birthdays were quite special for me growing up (i was an only child) hence i was spoiled but i never acted that way. To me, spending time with friends and family was more important than the gift receiving. Thankfully now that im an adult the gifts are less and the quality time has become more special to me.

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  2. Happy Birthday! Yes, I definitely don’t homeschool on my birthday. It took me years to figure out that if I want donuts for breakfast (our family tradition for birthdays), then I need to get up and get them. And that’s ok! It has definitely been an adjustment celebrating birthdays as an adult…and especially as a busy mom. I feel like I’m finally in a good spot though. Hope you had a wonderful day!

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  3. Celebrate it your way ❣️ Kids will realize Moms have birthdays too that are definitely worth celebrating💓 I think that’s great💫 I never had an “age/number” that I didn’t like celebrating 🤷🏼‍♀️🤗


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