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My Computer Hates Me

It sits there, white screen of death, mocking me. Daring me to try fixing it again. Well not me, but my husband, who loves me ever so much as to put up with such requests.

It knows me well.

Coming from a Mennonite background, I just can’t bear the thought of throwing out anything that may just have a tiny bit of life still left in it. If I can sell it, yes, then I have no issue parting with my junk, because who doesn’t like to trade junk for cash?!? Or give it to someone in need, even better! Self help…sure!

But this hellish computer isn’t sellable. Or gift-able. It is garbage. A $2000 piece of iMac garbage.

It still looks brand new but the face itself hides the disaster within. I know full well that it fries it’s own hard drives within 6 months of replacing them.

The computer was a lemon when we got it. A toss away from a friend who wisely went on to a new and better relationship.

But being who I am. Could. Not. Chuck. Mr. FryMac.

My husband is a near genius when it comes to fixing technology. So with a hairdryer and some other tools he took the cursed thing apart and melted parts together, moved pieces around (I’m sure this description is precisely accurate by the way). And VOILA! I had me a brand new looking iMac.

A new hard drive was ordered and the thing worked beautifully for 2 full years. And then one day.


All my writing, my saved files and documents!!! (thank goodness photos are in the “cloud”)

Most people would shrug and say at least I got two more years out of it… Not me!

I insisted that he fix it again (at which point he looked at me like I was from another plant and told me that it would just do this again)… to which I, knowing nothing about computers but fully believing in miracles, replied that surely Mr. FryMac would last three years this time.

So my ever patient husband shook his head and fixed it one more time telling me that he wouldn’t do it again. Oh and he recovered all my files. Because he’s amazing.

Now, four months later (practically to the day) everything’s gone.

He told me so….four short months later I’m in the same situation again and one would think I’d learnt my lesson already, but alas, the thought comes to me…maybe just one more time??

It’s either Mr. FryMac or back to good old Windows 7 **Shudder**

Well…which would you choose?

I’m leaning towards taking my chances with the FryMac.


5 thoughts on “My Computer Hates Me

  1. ….to everything there is a season, a season to grow, a season to die. I’m thinking Ryan’s ‘resurrecting powers’ on computers might have to declare your dear Mac deceased 😢, should I send flowers 💐 or donate to your computer disparity fund?😵 (so sorry this IS very very frustrating to say te least!👀) Ughhh🥵

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    1. Thanks. It is frustrating…but I know you have your own surprise costs as well. Ryan thinks he can figure out something for me, so I’ll wait and see what he does. It’s not fixing the Mac 😜


  2. I would still be screaming over this one. I have lost so much information on multiple computers. On a side note, I did not realize you had a Mennonite background. A Mennonite family owns one of the best restaurants in this area. From all my experiences, they can surely cook. Praying you have a much better experience with the next computer. We need you here on WordPress.

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    1. Haha! Yes!! Mennonite food is the best, most likely because we use full cream and real butter in our cooking 😜
      My husband did the impossible and temporarily fixed it for me again, salvaged my writing and is now forbidding me from saving anything on the hard drive! I’ve got strict orders that everything will be saved to the cloud as next time it’s straight to the dump with this one! (I’m praying that’s in 3-5 years…) Anyways I’ve learnt my lesson! Whew 😅

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