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A Homeschool Pause

Today I want to share something that is going to be incredibly life changing for me this coming year. As many of you know, I am currently homeschooling four of my five children – and now, after my sixth year of homeschooling, I am going to take year seven to pause and reflect.

Thats right! My five precious children will be strapping on their backpacks, and lining up like little ducklings to face “real school” 😜 this fall! (For those of you who don’t get my reference to “real school” I mean public school, although you fellow homeschoolers will know exactly what I’m mean!!) Watch out everyone…the Bergen’s are coming!!

I have known our plans for a couple months now but just recently have begun to share the news and I must say, it’s very interesting to see all the different reactions that have come from this decision…

I’ve had it all from, “Are you sure you want to send your kids to Public School?!?” (Spoken like I’m sending them away to some evil war camp) to “Wow! Good for you! Won’t that be nice to have an empty house and all that free time?” to “Oh finally you’ve come to your senses! Are you going to be normal get a real job now?”

Ok. I’m exaggerating just a wee bit. None of those things were actually said to me, but I’ve had many conversations that give me each of the vibes above and I’m quite sure that none of them are what I’m actually feeling.

So let me answer these questions for those of you who are too polite to ask them in the first place:

1) Yes, I am quite sure that for this year, our five children are going to attend school together. One of the reasons I am sure of this is that for the past few years I have felt very split up as a family, having one child in public school and the rest at home. I have comforted myself by the fact that we would be split up anyway if they were all in school (as in my youngest was still to young for kindergarten so he’d be at home with me.) This year is the first and only year that my children will ever be able to attend the same public school altogether. This brings me so much joy and excitement – the thought that my five kids can experience school life together; bus rides, assemblies, family days, etc. I also am confident that even though yes, there will be some negative influences in their lives, the school is a very good one with wonderful teachers. I also am prepared to clear our evening schedules as much as possible so that I have time to spend with our children each evening.

2) No I don’t expect a break. I don’t even expect an easier year. I don’t expect calm days of doing whatever I want. I just don’t! Helping five kids adjust to public school after homeschooling will take a lot of correspondence with the teachers, a lot of patient evenings helping with homework, a lot of volunteer hours so that my children can see that I still value their education and work environment, a lot of healthy lunch planning, ALOT of papers brought home (found in crumpled balls at the bottom of their school bags – along with…”Eewww!!! What’s that?!?”), and to top it off a lot of driving around and planning for the future!

3) And lastly, no, I’m not going to finally be normal. I will continue to be my weird self, no “real” job in my near future, AND my hopes are to continue homeschooling at least two of my boys the following fall.

So, you may be wondering…why the change? Will one year off be worth all the paperwork, adjustments, etc. of public school? Why not just keep the two boys at home and start a new normal?

To answer that I would refer back to the first answer I gave: But they’ll all be together!

And I also will add that these last couple years my homeschooling hasn’t been at its finest. I’ve still been committed to giving my kids an excellent education, but I’ve really resorted to doing the bare minimum and even that lacks creativity. Quite simply, I’ve lost my former spark and zeal for homeschooling.

So instead of viewing this year as a rest, I’m focusing on using my year “off” to reassess some of the reasons I began homeschooling in the first place. Creative teaching and planning takes time, lots of time and to continue for a couple more years I’m simply setting aside this year as a gage of where we are at. I’ll be answering a lot of questions. Is my heart still in it? Do the benefits of it outweigh the inconvenience? What is our long-term goal, and how is homeschooling accomplishing it? How has homeschooling been beneficial to my older kids? Have they been able to adjust to life among their peers? And so on. You get the picture.

So that’s my big news for today! How about you?

Do you homeschool? A former homeschooler? Have you ever had to make a similar adjustment? If so, how did it turn out for you?

8 thoughts on “A Homeschool Pause

  1. You’ve never been swayed…follow your gut…your kids’ll have your support as they integrate into public school life of that I’m sure❣️ Life continues to bring so many new adventures as you embrace these changes, & learning curves. You’re all in my prayers🙏 God’s got this💕 🤗 I know this decision was well pondered.

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  2. As I read this, I see that you are going through lots of transition now and in the coming months. It can be exciting and scary. I homeschooled my oldest three children for one semester. I was pastoring my first church, and the school system was horrible. We fought the school board to get the children in another nearby school but to no avail. We told the school board that we would remove the kids if they did not decide in our favor. They did not vote in our favor, so we did the whole homeschool thing. It was the best option where we were, but I knew that we were not meant to be longterm homeschoolers. I admire those who do it. I look forward to reading about how you and your children transition.

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    1. Thanks! And I totally agree, long term homeschooling isn’t for everyone. It’s admirable that you could see it in yourselves that it wasn’t for you. It shows that you are willing to do whatever is best for your kids in the season your in!

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  3. We homeschool…which is still strange for me to admit at times. I had never dreamed of homeschooling but it ended up being what we needed as we started the schooling journey. We’ve just taken it year by year. This was our first year to do any outside schooling. Wasn’t public school but was a hybrid homeschool option that offered drama (which is why I was initially interested). It’s been a perfect fit for us. However, only my two older kids loved it and it’s taken a lot longer for my younger two to adjust, but they finally like it too. They are both much more attached to me personality wise. Also, my four only go one day a week but I am overwhelmed with the correspondence I get from the school! So my guess is you will have a similar adjustment. I am very happy we have found this option for us. I look forward to hearing updates about how the transition goes for y’all! My husband and I both went to private school, and I always felt our kids should have some sort of actual school experience. Homeschooling is great, but I do think there are benefits to “real” school that you just can’t get at home. That’s awesome that they will all be together! Should make for some good memories.

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    1. Thanks for sharing about your homeschooling! That sounds like an ideal opportunity for schooling! I have often wished that there was a half and half option where I live. I would love for my children to have the benefit of time at home yet still get some of the benefits of being in school.

      And yes I’m really excited about seeing them together in school! Hopefully I can keep my head above the paperwork that goes with it.

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