Speak Out…or Pray?

It’s no secret – a huge struggle within the church is gossip and slander. And those who don’t gossip or slander, I find, are many times no better. Likely, they instead try to confront and fix the person, which causes hurt, broken trust, and disunity as well.

So often I want to give voice to the problems I see in others, either by gossiping about them or by confronting the issue. And I’m not taking about having a humble, caring conversation…rather a confrontation which sends the message: “I am right and you are wrong. You need to change or apologize.”

The reason for this is not because of courage or boldness, nor zeal for truth, nor love of the person.

 It is simply unbelief in prayer.

For if I truly believed in prayer I would only need speak up when God told me to speak, because God knows that most of the time OUR words can’t change people. More often, they hurt people. And even more often – we’re wrong.

God alone sees the human heart, and likewise, it is Him alone who holds the power to change it.


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